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Studying Tips for a New Semester

student writing in a day planner

Many of our residents at Northside are students who are either preparing for or just starting a new semester of school here in Richardson, TX. To help members of our apartment community prepare for the rigors of studying and excelling in their classes, we are sharing a few study tips in today’s blog post.

Set a Goal

Goals help to give us a purpose and direction for the task that we are doing. For each study session, set a goal that you want to achieve so that your studying is focused and has a specific purpose. Aimlessly studying without a goal will be less beneficial and will also make it more difficult to stay focused.

Use Flashcards

Just reading the assigned material and highlighting information in a textbook isn’t the best way to learn and absorb information, so try using flashcards instead. Flashcards allow you to pick out the most important and crucial information to know and quiz yourself until you know the information backward and forwards. Repetition is key!

Make it a Game

Trick your brain into thinking that studying is actually fun by turning it into a game. Play jeopardy with your study questions and find a way to reward yourself for the answers that you get right. Ask your friends to join you in your studying efforts to make it more enjoyable. Challenge your fellow classmates to a friendly competition to see who knows the material better and help each other learn in the process.


It is important to reward yourself for your hard work, especially since studying can be such a tedious and monotonous task. After studying for a set amount of time, take a break and do something that you enjoy. The key to this approach is to have enough self-control to actually follow through and return to studying after your break time is up.

Share your best studying tips with the rest of our apartment community by leaving a comment on this post. Good luck this semester!